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Vision & Mission

Our Vision: Tustin Memorial Academy is a safe and nurturing environment where all students are encouraged and supported to reach high academic achievement and develop into a kind, caring and engaged citizen.

Our Mission: Tustin Memorial Academy fosters the social-emotional well being, character, and high academic achievement of all students through strong family partnerships and engaging learning experiences. We are an inclusive community that celebrates the uniqueness of all individuals and develops kind, confident, curious learners and compassionate citizens. 

Our Core Values: 

Community Family Involvement Fun Spirited
Uniqueness Experiences Inclusivity Academic Success


5th Grade Student Profile: 

These are the skills and traits we at TMA strive to equip our students with before they matriculate to middle school. We want our students to be: academically prepared, risk-takers, problem solvers, health minded (growth mindset, emotionally healthy decision makers, self-care~ nutrition/sleep, "unplug"), organized, confident, kind, and curious. 

Bucket Fillers

Picture of %22I am a Bucketfiller%22

TMA students learn to be Bucket Fillers by being responsible, respectful, and building relationships. It all starts with a kind word or deed for someone else. Students are recognized throughout the year for being Bucket Fillers and can earn "bucketfillers" to add to their TMA keychains. Learn more by visiting